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Remember when we were together like that ?

She had the most beautiful eyes, that is how I like to remember her. I don’t know how or why but I was madly in love.

We were together at the ‘Napolean’, a classic French restaurant. Outside the rain covered the trees in glass and froze the streets.

Her hair glistened on her shoulders as she spoke casually glancing at the older couple on the nearby table.

The older couple must have been in their 70’s, I realized they were actually talking about us.

Now a bit louder I heard the old man say “Remember our time ?, remember when we were together like that ?”

I turned around and looked at her and we smiled and chuckled.

My heart beat a bit faster as I realized what I had to do next.

I had waited several days for the right moment and this was it.

I took the ring out of my pocket which I had bought several days earlier and showed it to her, a real Diamond Wedding Ring from Antwerp.

“I can’t wait till we are like that, let us grow old together”, I said to her..

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