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The very first thing that happens when you just get engaged is that people start asking how you proposed or how you got proposed.

Of course, in your mind is the engagement ring. The metallic feel of the gold or platinum on your finger is a precious moment which you would like to last forever. Choosing the right engagement ring is important.

Experience has told me that there are a few parameters on choosing the right diamond engagement ring. Foremost amongst this is ‘Diamond Jewellery Antwerp’.

First the style. What do you prefer? Lots of colour, traditional, subtle, flashy or just a plain round piece of metal. Second is the type of stone. For this I, can only say one thing. “Diamond Jewellery Antwerp”.

Nothing else should do. Do not compromise on anything else.

Next the band. The band is the metal keeping the stones in their proper place. Which one do you want? Funky, simple, wacky. And lastly the size of the stone.

Would you prefer a big rock or would you go in for a cluster of smaller stones? Once again do not forget ‘Diamond Jewellery Antwerp’.

Ok, now this is for the basics, now let us go into more specifics. As I mentioned, the best to buy is “Diamonds from Antwerp”.

But within “Diamond Jewellery Antwerp” you must first decide on the shape to buy. Remember shape is the geometry of the stone and should not be confused with cut, which is the way the facets are cut. Shape is a very important specific. If you are unsure go in for a round diamond, 90% of all diamonds are cut in a round shape.

However, there are many shapes from which you can choose from. In shapes, you will find known shapes like oval, pear or triangle and other not so well known shapes like marquise, asscher or emerald. Next in specifics comes the settings. This is the way the stones are arranged on the ring. Metal is another specific. You can buy in gold which is an all-time favourite or in platinum or palladium.

But after all this remember, whatever you buy, do not forget that on top of any list for an engagement ring should be “Diamond Jewellery Antwerp”.

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