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I like sunlight, I love the warmth of the sun-rays on my face. It was a warm summer day. My husband and I were enjoying the day out at a quiet village near the town of Antwerp in Belgium. Somebody unknown was cleaning the courtyard behind me, the faint sounds of the broom and the chirping birds together made music.

I felt very happy. I love the breeze in my hair and I closed my eyes and wished the breeze to be a little stronger, to make my hair all tousled up. But the breeze remained the same and I still remained happy. I like to think that maybe I could, just like that, be in this state forever, you know, just always feeling the breeze or a slight wind in my face with my eyes closed. Not sleeping and always awake. Like the feeling that I have really lived today. Breezy moments like these deserve togetherness.

We had been married for almost 25 years and we would often escape from the city to any quiet place and just ‘BE TOGETHER’.We did not say anything for a long time, we did not need to. The summer is the best time to be together. I love the colours of summer. Bright orange, bright green, bright yellow, everything bright. It is really a waste to be indoors during such a glorious summer day. Just keeping your face towards the sun gives me all the sunshine and never the shadows. Sunlight is the most precious gold to be found on this earth. Love is like a flower, keep it in the sunlight and water it and take care of it. It will blossom and spread its fragrance far and wide. Keep it in the darkness and it will wither away.

As I watched the flowers swaying around me, I felt my hand being held securely and a familiar metal slightly pinching the webbing between my fingers. I turned around and saw him smiling, I looked down at my finger, a marvelous Belgium Diamond Ring.

“I only wish I had met you sooner”, he said.

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